We are competitive to provide the most comprehensive services in Laredo. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers and patron's expectations at every phase

of our service.

Mission Statement


The mission of Laredo Vending Co. is to provide customers, contractors, and our constituents with satisfying, affordable and convenient vending services, and to be the most competitively rated vending service provider in the Laredo industry.


Laredo Vending Co. made my transition from a previous vendor extremely easy. I was amazed at how fast they set up the machine after I had just called that same day asking for a quote. Their no contract agreement put a weight off my shoulder and saved us both much time. Loved their presentation, I highly recommend Laredo Vending Co.

- Enrique Hinojosa

C.E.O of E. Hinojosa Calzado L.T.D



Love their great variety of products in their soda machines as well as their snack machines, but BEWARE I have not gone a day without getting my Manzanita soda along with a yummy snack! Never had a problem reaching them and love how low and consistent the prices are.

-Gloria Garcia

Secretary at Ravisa Distribution Center


Laredo Vending Co. has given my company an outstanding service. I have never had a complaint from my employees asking me to call them to restock the machine. Like any vending machine, technical issues are inevitable, but once the call has been made they respond that same day. Over all great service and great product!

- Carlos Guzman

C.E.O of BSL Logistics



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